Luke Simmons: Invitation from 'bytestories' to consider publishing

Storytellers who are also interested in seeing their spoken stories out there as written texts, Luke Simmons is making you an offer.

Luke is not a storyteller, in the sense that we use the word, but he his a keen follower of ours and you might like to check out his idea.

Luke explains:

"We're part of a storytelling project which allows people to publish stories online via  It appeals to those who are interested in promoting themselves and their stories as well as those who merely want to record any significant and/or entertaining event.

The site has just had its one-year birthday and recently was selected by the Huffington Post (UK) to provide a regular feature.  If any storytellers would like to be featured, I'd be happy to work with them.

NOTE: The posts must be short (ranging from 50 to 300 words) and be based on something that's happened to you.

You can create your account using and email me at if you have any questions at all."

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