Island within and Island

Not that far from Launceston in Tasmania is an island within the island.
We drove onto it and took some photos of what was across the water, then we went to Beaconsfield not far up the road.

Beaconsfield was a gold mining town, gold being discovered in 1847.
At the peak of the gold rush 700 men were employed in the gold mine and 26 tonne of gold was recovered.
Back then is was written that, 'the blacks' were there in those days.  Also on each side of the mine there was nothing but thick tea tree scrub and snakes.
In the town at first there were but two shops, drapery and grocery but soon more shops, hotel and so on.  Beaconsfield became the richest town in Tasmania as time went on, but all good things come to and end.  The past several years the town is a shadow of it's former self.
The mine closed long ago then reopened, it was in 2006 that there was a small earthquake underground which effect the mine, one man was killed and two men were trapped for days, these two were rescued unharmed physically.  A book was written 'Bad Ground' about their ordeal which I have read, it was a good story and never lost my interest. 
The mine closed in 2011.

This was where the action was when the trapped miners were freed.

The miners cottage.

A snow globe I made.