Lake Pedder, Tasmania, Australia

Lake Pedder was once a natural lake, located in the southwest of Tasmania, Australia but the name is now used in an official sense to refer to the much larger artificial impoundment and diversion lake formed when the original lake was expanded by damming in 1972 by the Hydro Electric Commission of Tasmania.
The new Lake Pedder has an area of about 242 km and it is considered to be the largest freshwater lake in Australia.

My two cousins, brother and sister, along with his wife and her husband visited the lake and we stayed in a caravan each at that time for two nights.  The weather was hot at 35degC at 6pm in the evening so all of us went for a walk in lake to cool off.

That is coarse sand that you see in the foreground.

I am in the pink top, and my cousin was tipping water over me - he was always trying to torment me, but I loved every minute of it.

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