Island within and Island

Not that far from Launceston in Tasmania is an island within the island.
We drove onto it and took some photos of what was across the water, then we went to Beaconsfield not far up the road.

Beaconsfield was a gold mining town, gold being discovered in 1847.
At the peak of the gold rush 700 men were employed in the gold mine and 26 tonne of gold was recovered.
Back then is was written that, 'the blacks' were there in those days.  Also on each side of the mine there was nothing but thick tea tree scrub and snakes.
In the town at first there were but two shops, drapery and grocery but soon more shops, hotel and so on.  Beaconsfield became the richest town in Tasmania as time went on, but all good things come to and end.  The past several years the town is a shadow of it's former self.
The mine closed long ago then reopened, it was in 2006 that there was a small earthquake underground which effect the mine, one man was killed and two men were trapped for days, these two were rescued unharmed physically.  A book was written 'Bad Ground' about their ordeal which I have read, it was a good story and never lost my interest. 
The mine closed in 2011.

This was where the action was when the trapped miners were freed.

The miners cottage.

A snow globe I made.

The Bridge.

Tuesday we went to Hobart to visit two of my Aunties, one is 95, the other 88 and both live in their own homes and are doing ok.  The trip down took about 2 - 1/2 hours as it did coming home. 5 hours driving in total.

On the way we called into the historic town of Richmond, Tasmania.  It's a very busy village with many tourist around taking photos.

At Richmond there is a bridge built by convict labour in 1823 and completed in 1825. It is the oldest bridge in Australia.

The sun was in the wrong place for photos to be taken on the southern side of the bridge, this photo was taken from that side.


The above photo to me is dreamy.

Facing the sun.

The sun behind me.

The ducks.

The view from the bridge facing south with sun behind me.

Myth and Reality: WORKSHOP and STORY SHARE. Art Gallery of Ballarat Wednesday 14th January 2015

This is a day in two parts:
1. Workshop: Fees apply
2. Story Share: Free


Myth and Reality: the magic and realism of 'The Mabinogion'
 Christine Willison

WHEN: Wednesday 14th January 2015
40 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat

TIME: 10.00am to 1.00pm 
COST: $25 General Public $20 SAV and Art Gallery Members

Lunch break: 1.00 pm to 3.00pm and further discussion with Christine

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: Phone Gallery 5320 5858 (places are limited) or book on line HERE 

ENQUIRES: call 0417 347 395 or email:

The Workshop
In this fun, informative, and practical workshop with noted UK storyteller Christine Willison you will explore some of the stories, devices and themes of The Mabinogion. Christine will use her own adaptations of three of the stories, showing how the ancient style and themes can inform contemporary storytelling and creative writing.

The Mabi what?
The Mabinogion is a collection of eleven of the very earliest Welsh stories; passed on in the ancient oral tradition from teller to listener, then first preserved in written form in the year 1350 in the White Book of Rhydderch. It was translated into English in the nineteenth century and named The Mabinogion, by Lady Charlotte Guest.

But I don’t speak Welsh!
Open to anyone - no Welsh language necessary although some will rub off. If you want to do some preparation, you could read Christine's book Pembrokeshire Folk Tales,  and The Mabinogion, a new translation by Sioned Davies. 

Workshop Leader Christine Willison
Christine is a friend of Storytelling Australia Victoria. She lives in Wales and visits her family in Victoria annually. 
For over 25 years, Christine has entertained, intrigued and inspired people of all ages and abilities with her large repertoire of traditional and contemporary stories. Whether in schools, performance spaces, libraries or museums, in stately homes in Britain or at festivals worldwide. Visit her website HERE

Christine is the current Chair of The Society for Storytelling(UK) 


Commencing at 3.00 pm, some of Storytelling Australia Victoria’s regional and metropolitan tellers will come together and share stories at locations around the Gallery.

FREE EVENT: Open to the public
Bookings NOT required

ENQUIRES: call 0417 347 395 or email:

  • The art gallery is a short walk from the Ballarat Train Station
  • If you can’t make it to the Workshop, you are still welcome to join in the Story Share
  • Art Gallery of Ballarat admission is free

 * This Storytelling Australia Victoria event is hosted by the Art Gallery of Ballarat.