Around and about!

A collection of photos taken around and about the Maroochydore area.  Some taken from the balcony where we are staying at Picnic Point in Maroochydore, Queensland. We have been here for just over 4 and 1/2 weeks and leave at the weekend to drive down to Melbourne, Victoria to catch the ferry home back to Tasmania, Australia.

This holiday is the one we had been waiting for, having changed it 5 times due to my father's illness, then his death at aged just over 90.  It's been a very restful holiday, having time to think things through and sort things out. 

Plenty of Pelicans about.  Some of them sit on top of the pole that holds two lights near enough opposite to where we are staying.

You can just see that pole where the Pelicans sit.

Men and their toys, their Jet Skis.

The houses, husband and wife plus their children live in them.

Apartments where people like us stay. I expect one or two people may live in them.  There is a height limit on the Sunshine Coast for the buildings, but I believe the Council is thinking of lifting it if the rate payers agree.

Up Gympie Way!

Gympie is a regional town in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland, Australia. It is about 160 kilometres north of the state capital, Brisbane, as I mentioned in a previous post about Gympie.

When arriving at a new town as in driving through, one has to ask what do I take a photo of.
Always look for the Catholic Church, they are usually perched up on the highest peak, often the nicest Church building of all other Churches. Then the War Memorial is usually in a very obvious place, the Post Office and street scape.  I find that the photos of the above reminds me of the towns that we visit.

It was a lovely day when we traveled north to see what the town looked like. We did a stroll up and down the main street, was able to park easily at the brow of the hill. There was a restaurant right where we parked the car, thinking, this would be great to eat lunch there.  By the time we returned, the place was packed with a line out to the footpath, can understand why for we didn't come across any other restaurant on our walk, just a few sandwiches places.

The above two photos: the building was for sale.

The main street looking up the hill.  I noticed the crossing and both women didn't use it. Expect this happens at many places.

Down the hill along the main street, this area is very flat.

A Hotel, as we would say the 'local', or the 'local watering hole'.

Interesting above the shops.

The War Memorial so beautifully done.

About all the Wars along each side of the walk.

On one of the posts are those names of the men lost in the World War ll, each side of each post has a list of the lost soldiers from each War.

A drive!

The other day we took a drive northward to Noosa, Tewantin and Eumundi.
Noosa is a cute beach resort with lots of little streets, like a rabbit warren and one can get lost, but we didn't, not his time.  Tewantin is a village not far from Noosa, having 3 major banks, supermarket, dress and shoes shops.  Eumundi is a small village inland in the hills and is known for it's markets two times a week.

Whilst at Noosa a young boy came and asked me all about my camera, he said he would like one as he was very interested in photography, so therefore asking my advice.  Later his mother came over and proceed to quiz me more.  I do hope I was of some help.

At Eumindi we had lunch, and whilst eating a man joined us with his little dog and told us of some of the gossip of Eumindi :)

The Information Center at Tewantin.

The River and Houseboat Hire.

The War Memorial at Tewantin.

Noosa, Queensland.

The Spit at Noosa Heads.

Looking across to Noosa from the Spit.

Eumundi General Store and two Petrol Bowsers.  The Market is held behind in a park.

Side view of the General Store.

The Hotel.

A man intrigued by what is on his phone in Eumundi.

The little dog who is 8 months old.

Bridesmaids at Maroochydore, Queensland.

The Bridesmaids.
There was a Wedding at Picnic Point here in Maroochydore on Saturday at 2pm.  The bride was late and the ceremony took place up around the corner.  The bride stayed in another apartment, the bridesmaids were staying in the apartment complex where we are along with the groomsmen.....So I leaned over the balcony and took this photo, the women were looking at another women walking by.  I wondered what they were thinking and saying!

Matilda, Queensland, Australia

On our way back from Gympie in Queensland we had lunch at a restaurant several km's from Gympie, and looking out the window I spotted Matilda, and water.

Now Matilda has beautiful eyelashes, she also moves her head every now and then.

Anne E Stewart: Crossing the River. 16 October 2014

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St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Gympie. Queensland.

Gympie is a regional town in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland, Australia. It is about 160 kilometres north of the state capital, Brisbane. The city lies on the Mary River, which floods the town periodically. Situated on a hill is the Catholic Church so when we visited last week I took the opportunity to take photos.  I don't know when the church was built, but I presume it's in the 1900's.

The View from the Residence.

Yesterday I looked out the window and saw the sunset so took these photos of it and the Maroochy River here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  These photos were taken from the balcony.

The above photo I took last year a month earlier.


At a place called Koonoomoo in the State of Victoria there is a big Strawberry on the Goulburn Valley Highway. There is a Restaurant that relates around Strawberries.
We have been eating strawberries nearly every night as they are plentiful at the supermarkets and rather cheap at that. 

Marcoola, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

We went for a drive a day or two ago and dropped into a few beaches on the way home, one being Marcoola.  It's early spring and some people are out sunbaking or walking along the beach, even a truck is taking in the view.

Up on the bank something has taken their eye.

Foggy Lake at Nagambi, Vistoria.

When we arrived at Nagambi there was a thick fog over the lake as you can see, then all of a sudden it went and I was able to get a clear view.

This lake is used for rowing and was used for the Olympic Games some years back.

The Fog.

Just as the fog was lifting.