Kitchen is finished plus Tambo, Queensland, Australia.

 At last my kitchen is totally finished and I have cooked in the new oven.  It's a bit different from my old one, doesn't seem as hot. The en suite has been commenced so it's into the main bathroom and one of the spare beds to let the builder have a free run.

A few years ago we visited Tambo is a great little outback town.  With only about 340 to 500 locals and a pub or two , Tambo makes a great little stopover on the drive from Charleville to Longreach.  Located around 1000km north west of Brisbane on the Landsborough Highway.
Originally established in the 1860's, to service local pastoral properties, today Tambo boasts a healthy economy supported by wool and beef.
The average temperature in July is 21.2C or 70.2F. Winter time.
Summer time the average temperature is 34.9C or 94.8F.

We have travelled to Tambo a few times in the past. 

The Road to Tambo.

Farm land on the way to Tambo.

A Hotel and the Butcher's Shop.

The Library.

The Visitors Centre.

Tambo is prone to droughts, floods and fires.

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