Reflections on the Tamar River.

Update on my Dad. The link to my first post.
So the update is that he is now in the main hospital in the city where I live which is much easier for me to visit him.  He isn't travelling well, and we don't know how long he's got with us.
The Dr's are trying to keep the pain away but it's proving to be difficult for them and my dad.
Dad still has his sense of humour, and he said to me two days ago, "I tried to die last night, but I couldn't"!

The Tamar River (indigenous name: kanamaluka) is a 70-kilometre (43-mile) with the mouth being at Low Head which goes into Bass Strait. Tasmania.
The River is very near our small city, and one can walk beside the river, take a cruise or dine at the eating houses near by.

I took these photos just before sunset on a calm winter's day and was lucky to get a reasonable reflection.

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