A drive!

The other day we took a drive northward to Noosa, Tewantin and Eumundi.
Noosa is a cute beach resort with lots of little streets, like a rabbit warren and one can get lost, but we didn't, not his time.  Tewantin is a village not far from Noosa, having 3 major banks, supermarket, dress and shoes shops.  Eumundi is a small village inland in the hills and is known for it's markets two times a week.

Whilst at Noosa a young boy came and asked me all about my camera, he said he would like one as he was very interested in photography, so therefore asking my advice.  Later his mother came over and proceed to quiz me more.  I do hope I was of some help.

At Eumindi we had lunch, and whilst eating a man joined us with his little dog and told us of some of the gossip of Eumindi :)

The Information Center at Tewantin.

The River and Houseboat Hire.

The War Memorial at Tewantin.

Noosa, Queensland.

The Spit at Noosa Heads.

Looking across to Noosa from the Spit.

Eumundi General Store and two Petrol Bowsers.  The Market is held behind in a park.

Side view of the General Store.

The Hotel.

A man intrigued by what is on his phone in Eumundi.

The little dog who is 8 months old.

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