Up Gympie Way!

Gympie is a regional town in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland, Australia. It is about 160 kilometres north of the state capital, Brisbane, as I mentioned in a previous post about Gympie.

When arriving at a new town as in driving through, one has to ask what do I take a photo of.
Always look for the Catholic Church, they are usually perched up on the highest peak, often the nicest Church building of all other Churches. Then the War Memorial is usually in a very obvious place, the Post Office and street scape.  I find that the photos of the above reminds me of the towns that we visit.

It was a lovely day when we traveled north to see what the town looked like. We did a stroll up and down the main street, was able to park easily at the brow of the hill. There was a restaurant right where we parked the car, thinking, this would be great to eat lunch there.  By the time we returned, the place was packed with a line out to the footpath, can understand why for we didn't come across any other restaurant on our walk, just a few sandwiches places.

The above two photos: the building was for sale.

The main street looking up the hill.  I noticed the crossing and both women didn't use it. Expect this happens at many places.

Down the hill along the main street, this area is very flat.

A Hotel, as we would say the 'local', or the 'local watering hole'.

Interesting above the shops.

The War Memorial so beautifully done.

About all the Wars along each side of the walk.

On one of the posts are those names of the men lost in the World War ll, each side of each post has a list of the lost soldiers from each War.

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