The New Meter

We have had Pay As You Go Hydro (Aurora ) meter for many years.
This means you have a card, take the card to an Agent, usually a service station or newsagent, pay money and the amount is put on the card via a chip, then you put it in the slot on the meter, and power is available.  We found this very convenient and still do, as you just don't 'forget' to keep money on the card.

Power this way was always cheaper, but it's not anymore, as there are different tariffs throughout the day and at weekends.  The amount of money left on the meter has been unreadable these past few years.

A letter was received last week telling us a new meter was going to be installed.  We decided not to have Pay As You Go anymore as a 'whisper' was roaming around that it was more expensive than the normal meter.  So hence the price and not being able to read the amount of money left we decided to go back to the old way, which by the way is a cheaper tariff.
This meter was installed today, only took 15 minutes, so now we will get an Account.

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