Esk, Queensland

Youngest son, his wife and their 3 little ones have moved into their own home after 3 and 1/2 months.
My late dads house sold in 3 days, the new owners have moved in - so that is the end of that!
It's a relief to have that all over. (the house I mean)

On our way home on our holiday we came through a town called Esk in Queensland. Esk is named after the Esk River in Scotland and England.  The population is approximately 1,800 people.  The country is flat and the little town is not that far from the Somerset Dam as the crow flies.

Esk was established due to a short lived Copper mine, settlers came in 1840.  The Post Office opened in 1874.  A Lutheran Church was opened in 1941. There is a school as well as a War Memorial.

 Just south of Esk we came across some crops growing.  The 2 below photos were taken from the car traveling at 110km per hour.


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