Bell's Parade, Latrobe

Bell's Parade is situated on the Latrobe inlet of the Mersey River. It is named after Robert Bell, who with his half brother Henry Bentinck, constructed a wharf and a store on the site in 1855.
From the 1880's it was the main port on the river, becoming northern Tasmania's second major trading port for a period.
Old English Trees grow along the Parade and provide shelter from the hot sun.

Bell's Parade has Platypus, though I haven't seen one as yet. 
There are several events held at Bell's Parade one being the Henley-On-The-Mersey.
It's also a wonderful place for a picnic or a family gathering, or just a walk.
It's not that far from my dads house, so often if I have time in the summer I divert backwards to view and take some photos.

Winter time.

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