On my way to Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.

On my way to dads this week I managed to take two photos from the highway because the road was being worked on. To refresh memories, and for those that visit my blog, my dad is legally blind, 90 years of age and lives in his own two story house at Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.  I go to my dads every week which takes me about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Sometimes my husband comes with me.
Dad has Meals on Wheels 3 times a week, a Registered Nurse comes once and week, then a lady with training (of course) comes 3 times a week to shower my dad.  Then the cleaning lady comes once a week, the shower lady takes dad for a drive about every fortnight, and I do the remainder!

The small town of Sassafras is of a rural nature, and obviously many potatoes are grown along with many kinds of vegetables for Australians to buy from the supermarkets, of course after being processed.

The Big Spud at Sassafras, Tasmania. 
The poor Spud needs revamping.

A view of the hills from the highway.

The old Elizabeth Town Hotel which is now ETC. been modernized and good eating, tea & coffee. ETC is very popular, and the carpark is always nearly full.

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