Australia consists of two land masses: mainland Australia and Tasmania. It lies on and extends south from the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere between latitudes 10°41' and 43°39'S and longitudes 113°9' and 153°39'E.
It is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Indian Ocean to the west, the Afarura Sea to the north, and the Southern Ocean to the south.
The nearest neighbour is Papua New Guinea, 200 kilometres to the north. Timor Leste is 640 kilometres to the north west, New Zealand is 1920 kilometres east, and Antartica is 2000 kilometres due south.

Size of Australia compared to Europe: MapArea
The area of Australia is 7 682300 square kilometres. Australia is about the size of the mainland United States excluding Alaska, and approximately 24 times the size of the Brittish Isles.

Mainland east to west, 3983 kilometres, north to south, 3138 kilometres. Coastline including Tasmania and off-sure islands, 36,735 kilometres.

There are many sites on the internet showing maps and comparisons from other countries to Australia. I hope the ones I chose are correct or near enough!

 The first map is how Europe first into Australia.

Second map is how Australia fits into the USA.

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