History Tales: celebrating the past with story and song. May 2014

The Old Laverton School in Altona Meadows is one of the last remaining single-room schools in Victoria. Built in 1888 its now embedded in Melbourne’s suburban west. Beautifully restored and now used by community groups for yoga, theatre rehearsals, and all sorts of wonderful things … The old school celebrated 125 years with scones, silent films, sack races and of course storytelling. I was was there with colleague Alan Davies to share stories from the past and encourage the exchange of memories. Using the idea of an ‘Assembly’ to frame our program, Alan led the singing while I focused on the stories.
As my Queensland storytelling friend, Bettina Nissan says, ‘Stories beget stories’. And so it was. No sooner had the Assembly finished; the stories flowed.

Alan and I both live in the west and met through the local Newport Folk Club. From my experience, connecting and working with my community and council has proved rewarding in so many ways. I feel part of something very special and humbled by the support Hobsons Bay Council and the Club has given me to develop my practice as a professional story teller working in the oral tradition.

Alan Davies is a Marriage Celebrant and director of the Newport Community Choir
Jackie Kerin Storytelling Vic teller and author.

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