Today was my Father's Funeral.  It was lovely as funerals go.  The Priest said Mass, it was a beautiful one..  A lone Piper piped as my father's coffin was brought into the Church by 8 Police Pall bearers.  The white roses opened to near full covered the coffin. An Inspector Police Cap plus flag was on the coffin, all looked lovely.

My eldest granddaughter aged 8 sat next to me, my husband, the other granddaughter aged 6 sat on his side, then our sons & their wives. The two 2 year olds stayed with a baby siter.

As we the Congretation were all seated the Irish Blessing began, Roma Downey it was certainly fitting for the occasion.  The priest began his mass....then a song sung by Tommy Fleming was sung called You Raise Me Up, a lovely rendition.  Holy Communion, and as that was taking place, Andre Bocelli sang with the Morman Tabernacle Choir, The Lords Prayer.  Then Euolgys by 4 people which were short as requested by we left the Church, Andre Bocelli singing, It's time to say Goodbye. As we entered the foyer the lone piper again plus a Police Guard of honour from the Church doors to the Coffin.

Everyone went to the Graveside. Seating was provided, the lone piper played Amazing Grace as the coffin was lowered.  I shed a tear, as did most :)

After that we all had a cup of tea or coffee plus plenty to eat across the road where the funeral people have a lovely building for such events.....a lot of chatter, memories people were telling me, such wonderful times.
Dad had been in the Police Force for 44 years, retired at 65, and died aged 90.....was declared legally blind in 2006, but of course couldn't see a thing for many years before that.

So now I move I have had my 'wings clipped' since before my Mother went to Heaven 6 years ago.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my father when he was ill, and sent their good wishes to me.
May God Bless you all....

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