Mt. Field Nation Park. Tasmania, Australia.

I have visited Mt. Field NP many times over the years, and of course digital cameras were not heard of back then, however I did have the opportunity when I obtained about my 3rd digital camera so was able to take a few photos at that time.

My husband and I used to stay up on the mountain in a cabin with our friends in the winter time for several days at a time.  There was a bit of snow back then, but not much.

The photo's I have chosen were taken when one of my cousins came with my husband and myself for a tour of Tasmania.  Cousin was thirsty after our long walk so drinking the pure water, but to do so you had to get as he did :)

Below the mountain within NP there is this rather pretty stream.

Mount Field National Park was founded in 1916, making it, along with Freycinet National Park, Tasmania's oldest national park. The area around Russell Falls has been protected for its natural beauty since 1885, when it was set aside as Tasmania's first nature reserve. The last known wild thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) was captured in the region in 1933. The reserve was called "National Park" before 1946, but was officially renamed to its present name in 1947

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