On the way to Burra in South Australia.

Update on dad....He has been moved back to his home city and into a Private Aged Care Home.  He has a lot of pain which is controlled with strong medication, which in turn takes my dad into fairyland. He is rather funny most of the time, he talks non stop and says things that doesn't make sense, but in there is a story of some kind.  If I didn't laugh, I would certainly cry, knowing that the drugs are 'talking'. Dad can just stand up with help only, use a walker with help, but spends most of the day in his bed, a far cry from what he was like at the beginning of June when he used to come shopping with me in the supermarket.
Dad has a private room, and today I bought him a TV so he can listen to it.

On the way into Burra in South Australia on our visit a while ago I was taken with the view of the green fields plus we spotted part of the old mine.

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