The BIG Penguin.

Penguin is a sweet town on the North West Coast in Tasmania, Australia.  There are of course penguins to see not far away.

Penguin was first settled in 1861 as a timber town, and proclaimed on 25 October 1875. The area's dense bushland and easy access to the sea led to Penguin becoming a significant port town, with large quantities of timber shipped across Bass Strait to Victoria, where the 1850s gold rushes were taking place.

There are well over 3,500 people living in the town of Penguin. There is a school, shops and 'The Penguin Market' which draws rather a large crowd from surrounding areas.

The BIG Penguin at Penguin. Tasmania, Australia.

The Uniting Church, Penguin. Tasmania, Australia.

Bass Strait looking West at Penguin. Tasmania, Australia.

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