Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia.

Ulverstone is a major town on the north-west coast of Tasmania, Australia on the mouth of the Leven River, on Bass Strait. It is on the Bass Highway, 21 kilometres (13 mi) west of Devonport and 12 kilometres (7 mi) east of Penguin.

The town area was first settled by Europeans in 1848, when Andrew Risby, his wife Louisa and their five young children arrived to settle and develop farmland from what was mostly a thickly forested wilderness.

The town has a good shopping centre plus a nice beach.

My husband and I took a rest from cleaning the cupboards out at my late dads house driving to Ulverstone.

I took a few photos and have posted normal and HDR. Interesting the transformation.

Normal photo West and Bass Strait.

HDR Photo

Normal photo East and Bass Strait.

HDR Photo

Playground, part of at the beach.

An old house at Ulverstone.

The ANZ Bank in Ulverstone, just one of the old buildings left.

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