At last!

It's holiday time once again and finally after 5 attempts this year, my husband and I are travelling to the Sunshine Coast of Australia for 6 weeks.
This will be the first holiday that I haven't had to phone either of my late parents each day whilst away, or wondering how they are getting on.
Our youngest son, his wife and their 3 little children will continue to live in our house until we return.  Hopefully I will be able to visit blogs and post to mine whilst on holiday, I will enjoy doing it.

The mileage for the trip one way is about 2,450km (1,522m).  Of course if we divert it's longer and more mileage.
We go across from Devonport to Melbourne via the Spirit of Tasmania (the ferry), this trip on the sea takes approximately 10 or 11 hours. We eat on board, go to our cabin and sleep as it's a night sailing.  We stay at Motels which are lovely and clean, most being modern. We eat all our meals out and are both tired come bedtime.  Then up early the next morning for a days drive again until we arrive. 

This photo would have been taken when I was about 4 or 5 years of age. My mother used to make most of my clothes right up to when I was 16.

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