Ha! I went to the beach.

We set off to the beach Saturday.
Green Beach which is in the north over looking Bass Strait.  It was rather quite for a Saturday and only spotted a couple in the water which was surprising.  Plenty of golfers playing their golf.
We stopped for lunch at the Greens Beach shop, and whilst walking back to the vehicle I tripped on a stick which in turn somehow got underneath my foot inside my shoe and cut my foot.  It's now healed thank goodness.

It's been a few years since being at this beach, and I was rather surprised to find the same shed still standing, it's where we used to get changed into/out of our bathers and sit out of the sun when I was a late teenager.

These days many people live permanently at this small place, and travel to Launceston each day to work.  Of course there are lots of shacks as well. It's hilly so just about everyone gets a good view of the sea. 

This is the building, men on one side and women the other.  Can't say I like the colour.

Looking to the north east.

Looking to the north west.
Me of course. The sea was warm as it usually is at the edge.

I made a frame for this photo.

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