Just Water!

Amongst the things that have gone right this year there of course have been some sad times plus 'things' that go wrong.

The other evening I went to the kitchen sink to peel the potatoes for dinner, the water from the tap wasn't flowing as good as it normally does, then it was discovered youngest son was running the water in the bath for his 2 year old son.  He turned those taps off, but still not enough water out of the kitchen tap.  Husband went and checked all the taps outside in the backyard, all was well.  I kept saying, no, not all is well.  Daughter in law went to her car out the front of the house, there is was discovered that her car had broken a pipe to the watering system in the lawn.  So hence the problem.  Water was turned off, husband and son fixed the pipe.  Water was collected from next door neighbours so dinner could be cooked for the 7 of us. 

Another tap outside decided to leak this morning once again.  A new tap is required.
Then before we went on holiday, husband broke another pipe by driving his 4 wheel drive over it.  That too is now repaired.  I hope that is the end of the Water problem.

Photo borrowed from the Internet

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