Kalgoorlie, Western Australia!

A town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia (WA) is in the middle of nowhere.
Gold was discovered there by Paddy Hannan in 1893, an Irishman who immigrated to Australia in 1863.
This commenced a Gold Rush in the area but alas there was no water in the early days, so many men died. Water now comes from Perth in WA via a large pipe. Also a dam was built.

Today the town was isolated due to heavy rain thus all roads out of Kalgoorlie were closed, but I believe they are now open.
We have a niece, her husband and their 2 children living there and they are coming home for a months holiday next month.

Tonight for dinner we had a barbecue which my husbands cooked.  Lamb chops and breakfast sausages, with pasta salad and new potatoes.

The Super Pit - a small area of it. The pit is about 3.6 kilometres (2.2mi) long, 1.6 kilometres (1.0mi) wide and 512 metres (1,680 ft) deep.
(American spelling is kilometers)

The machinery/trucks look so small but in fact they are very large.

The York Hotel in Hannon Street was built in 1901/2 and is located in the main street which is rather long.
There are approximately 25 Hotels operating still.

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