Eating Lamb!

One of my blog friends mentioned that she hadn't tasted Lamb, they don't have it where she lives, and I wonder why?
You can find her blog here .
Lamb in Australia is eaten by most people, we love it in this house.
We barbecue chops, forequarter chops, and have a roast with the leg, have a rib roast, this list is endless.

Sheep are plenty in Tasmania.

My father used to slaughter lambs to make extra money when he was young. My husband's late father used to slaughter his own lambs, and even today the nurse that showers my father at his home has 4 sheep that need slaughtering, she will give 2 full sheep away and freeze the remainder.

To purchase in the supermarkets or the butchers, lamb can be a little expensive sometimes, the price does vary but that's not a problem, because if you like it and can afford it you don't think twice about buying it.

A photo below of cuts of lamb I found on the internet.

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