Moon in the heat of night!

It's been lovely and warm down here in Tasmania, some places reaching just over 40 deg C = 104 deg F, however many cities and towns in Australia have been reaching up to 46 deg C.  Yes, it's hot and many people do suffer from the heat. Thank goodness we are ok, and keep cool with the Air-conditioning if necessary, or just open the windows and doors and let the fresh air in with the blinds closed to a degree, it depends.

This evening I went outside to sit and saw that the moon was low in the sky, the phone rang so I didn't get to take the photo of the moon before it got too dark, as I like to take it as it's getting dark.  I can't find my tri-pod, so the photo was taken normally so hence it's not that clear.

I have been at my dads for a few days, and will return next week to stop again.  Next month it's his 90th Birthday, apparently word it getting around his city, so I am getting ready or thinking about what I am going to do as in a celebration.  I did think of having an afternoon tea at his house.

Dad told me to 'fix' the foyer, meaning to redecorate it, so when it cools down I will be off to see what's about.

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