Zucchini Slice!

At this time of the year, some of us have access to Zucchini's.  One of our daughter in law's supplies us with many, so hence it's into cooking them, one way is by making a slice in the oven. This slice could be likened to a type of Quiche. It's very tasty and we usually have a piece for afternoon tea, or supper before bedtime if peckish. Anyway they always get eaten. Sometimes I freeze them.

The Zucchini


Ready to be cooked

After cooking

Ready to eat.

The Recipe.

Grate with skin on 375g of Zucchini = 3/4 lb
1 large onion
3 rashes of bacon
1 cup of grated cheeder cheese
1 cup of Self Raising Flour
1/2 cup of oil (small cup)
5 eggs
Salt and pepper

Finely chop onion and bacon
Beat eggs and mix all ingredients together.
Pour into shallow greased baking dish
Bake 40 - 1 hour in moderate oven.
Options - are crushed garlic, grated carrot, capsicum chopped finely can be added to the above.

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