A Policeman's Daughter!

My father and I used to travel down south, down near Hobart to watch the Passing out Parade of the Police Officers at the Police Academy.  This is an event by invitation only.  We don't go now due to my father's health.

Always I loved to attend sitting outside with a canopy above our heads, rugs around our knees if it was cold as we watched the Police Officers march and do their 'stuff' as I call it.
The memorable things to me was looking at the vast area without a sole on the flat ground, then you heard the thunder of Police motorbikes coming from the distance up the hill to the flat area riding their bikes directly in front of us in formation. Then when their engines were turned off, in the distance we heard a high pitched noise and as it became louder the music to ones ear was lovely.  The Tasmanian Police Pipe Band, they came up the hill to the flat and marched.

I recall when I was a young teenager how I marched behind a pipe band (not the Police one), a lonesome female and when we all got to an intersection of the road, the band formed a circle, a piper placed my 2 swords in the middle of that same intersection and it's there that I did the Sword Dance.  I always did this on special occasions when my parents and I lived in a certain town in Tasmania, Australia for 4 years.

The video I did with my phone in 2008.

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