Australian Flu Vaccine 2014

Always had the Flu Vaccine each year due to the nature of my work. Then I decided I wouldn't have it for many years.  Last year 2013 as my husband being older we decided to have Pneumonia injection and two weeks after the Flu Vaccine, the later each year.
So a few days ago we had it.

Influenza is a serious viral illness that causes 1,500 to 3,500 deaths in Australia each year from complications such as pneumonia and secondary bacterial infections.

There are two major types in humans – influenza A and influenza B, with the A strain causing more severe disease. Influenza B, however, causes a disproportionate amount of illness in children.
The virus also has many animal hosts including birds, pigs and horses. Genetic mixing between human and animal strains can cause new pandemic strains, to which humans have little or no pre-existing immunity. This susceptibility gives rise to rapid spread, high rates of illness and more severe disease.  via (SBS)

I wonder how many people have the flue injection each year in Autumn?

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