Tunbridge, Tasmania, Australia

Tunbridge is a town on the way to Hobart from Launceston located just off the midlands highway.
It was a stop over for coaches in years gone by when there were 3 Inns, stables and so on.
How times have changed.
The town is extremely quiet. There is apparently a Convict Trail one can view but due to the late drive through the town we saw not but one soul.

I did these photos in HDR, high dynamic range for a change.

Tunbridge Manor was fantastic piece of Tasmanian history in the centre of town and dominates the townscape. Built in the 1840, as a staging post for the early transport days, where the premises offered accommodation, meals, beverages and stabling for horses.
The building is a bit under the weather at the moment!

Bowerman's General Store a two-storey Georgian building with a five bay facade and slim columns.
This building has been restored and mostly likely a private residence these days.  

The poor cottage, but the hedge is taken care of.

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