Getting away!

My husband is a Professional man but long before that he was a farmer of sorts working on his father's farm. Also driving his father's truck as his late dad had a carrying run, meaning a truck and tray which my husband drove into the city (Launceston), Tasmania and collected items for the farmers which included anything from small items to furniture. However, father in law sold the business after a few years, so that left my husband to work on the farm, which was only a small one but not enough work for two full time men. It was decided that my husband would work driving a milk tanker, collecting milk from far and wide taking it to where it was processed. This job took up to 8-12 hours a day with one weekend off, once a month back then. He was only 21 years of age.

Father in law, God love him would come to our house that weekend and ask my husband to help him, but that ended up being all day plus well into the night, which my husband got tired of after a few months, having no days off at all.
So the interesting thing is this: Every time my husband saw his dad coming up the road my husband would get on his mini bike and ride for several km's till his father went home :) I was left explaining that I had no idea where my husband was, and I didn't.  He was here one minute and gone the next!

Eventually after 8 years of living on the farm my husband said to me just out of the blew, 'We are moving to town'. So we did.  He studied, luckily was employed as well.  I was able to walk into a Professional job immediately upon arriving into the city, much easier back then than today. So a new life began for the farm boy, me always a city girl.

My husband on the mini-bike and one of his then friends.

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