Lake Dulverton, Oatlands, Tasmania.

Lake Dulverton is a large shallow lake/lagoon associated with the town of Oatlands in Southern Midlands of Tasmania. The lake has an uneven shoreline with many low sandstone cliffs and overhangs.

The only island in the lake, Mary's Island, is a small sandstone rock roughly 80 m long with nothing more than a few cedars growing on it. The lake dried up in 1993 and remained dry for years until heavy rains in August, 2010, filled the lake to near full supply level. During this dry period, 2 levees were built across the lake dividing it into 3 sections. Only the smallest section near the Callington Mill was able to remain full.

Often we stop at Oatlands which is now off the Highway when coming home from Hobart.  I have an Auntie who lives in this Historic Town, she is 95 and in fairly good health, she if rather deaf, which leads me to tell this.

Last year my husband and I called on our way home from Hobart, rang her doorbell many times with no answer.  We could see her inside through the blinds watching and listening to a very loud TV. So  phoned her from my mobile and she heard the ring, picked up the phone and said 'Hello', of course I told her I was at her door...she couldn't stop laughing. So each time we call, I phone her first so then she has the door open to welcome us in.

Topiary Animals at Dulverton Lake side, then the lake itself.


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