A drive!

We went for a drive the other day, well, most days it seems we are going for a drive, eating lunch out.  You see we bought a 2005 new 4 wheel drive, it's good to take it for a drive and to find out how all things work.  It's right up my alley with all it's technology.  I can even sit in one of the seats and watch a DVD if I want.  Yes, I did do that, this feature will be handy when we take some of the grandchildren for a drive.
We sold my husbands (our) white 4 wheel drive on Facebook, sold in 24 hours, so that left us with one car for several weeks until the new one arrived.

The photo was taken with my phone at the Dealers Friday week back.

So we set off for Relbia, (not far from home) passed the vineyard, and a good one at that - Josef Chromy's - we went up hills and down, over bridges into the city, and my husband did blockies!  At his age, really, but I did enjoy :)


The green hills which of course become brown in summer.

Dr. Harry Cooper a TV Vet lived near here, but not anymore.

An abandoned little chapel past Relbia.           

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