Up on the Highlands.

The highlands of Tasmania stretches some distance and it's where snow might fall in the winter time.
We ventured up there last week going to the small village of Poatina for a peek, Great Lake and Arthurs Lake.  These latter two places are good for fishing and there are many shacks up that way.  Most of these shacks have been modernized, some are lived in permanently.
The Great Lake is supposedly the 2nd largest lake in Tasmania.

 A small area of the Great Lake

 A loo at Arthurs Lake, the view is of the lake.

Part of Arthurs Lake

 A house/shack at Arthurs Lake

 The bush

 The white flower was pretty amongst the bush. In the distance it looked like snow and there were many white flowers scattered here and there.

A view of the farmland from the mountain, but only about a 1/4 way up.  There are many hairpin bends.

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