What do I do with it all?

Having inherited all my late mother's crockery just what do I do with it all and where do I put it?

I have Royal Dalton Old Country Rose made in England Tea Set, with little jugs, sugar bowls, teapot, cups, mugs, sauces and plates along with an abundance of different styled plates. These go with my own.  Tea sets cups saucers and plates, and I have many jugs plus sugar bowls.
Then I have inherited Crystal glasses galore, crystal vases, and bowls to add with my own.

Then of course there were 3 dinner sets, and double ones at that.  I gave two away and kept one.  The one I kept is a Noritake, Highclere made in Japan, one with 2 settings. I put my everyday Willow dinner set away to have a change.  Then there are 2 full sets of Corning Ware to add to my own. All are in excellent condition, some things as if new. The list goes on....Don't mention the cultery!
A lot of the items have been packed in the garage as I can't throw them out or give them away. One day they may be worth a bit of money and my sons might benefit from that. I know where they are if I need them.

Have cleaned out my cupboards and took what I hadn't used of my own and gave it to charity today.  That made a lot of room for the extras.

Royal Dalton Old Country Rose. Royal Dalton brought this design out in 1962.

Noritake - Highclere made in Japan.  
I borrowed both the photos from the internet.  The photo of this Noritake sugar bowl is not true to it's colour.  It is gold, grey, and white florals.

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