The Bridge.

Tuesday we went to Hobart to visit two of my Aunties, one is 95, the other 88 and both live in their own homes and are doing ok.  The trip down took about 2 - 1/2 hours as it did coming home. 5 hours driving in total.

On the way we called into the historic town of Richmond, Tasmania.  It's a very busy village with many tourist around taking photos.

At Richmond there is a bridge built by convict labour in 1823 and completed in 1825. It is the oldest bridge in Australia.

The sun was in the wrong place for photos to be taken on the southern side of the bridge, this photo was taken from that side.


The above photo to me is dreamy.

Facing the sun.

The sun behind me.

The ducks.

The view from the bridge facing south with sun behind me.

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