An exciting time!

Saturday the fun begins.
A childs 3rd birthday party in the morning time till after lunch.
Then to the Supermarket to buy some groceries so I can cook, plus of course meat to make some Rissoles.
Also have to make a Jelly Slice, a Fruit Cake and ice it Sunday, make various biscuits.
On Sunday and Monday more cooking plus cleaning the house.
You see our youngest son, his wife and their 3 small children are flying home to stay with us for 4 days.  It's the first time they have been home since 2008.  They live in the State of Queensland many km/miles away, arriving Monday afternoon at the Launceston Airport.
My husband and I have to take two cars to the Airport because they won't fit in one vehicle with just one of us driving.  Seat belts have to be worn and with 6 people and only 5 seats so therefore 5 seat belts.

But of course there is more.
On Tuesday my dad will turn 90, so more cooking for the party I am giving him at his house just over 100km's away.  So I think I will be rather busy for a few days, but I will love every minute of it.

A house with lots of noise here, and at my dads when the guests begin to arrive.

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