Keeping Cool!

It's a warm day today. It's 35 degC (F 95).
I got up at 5am when it was cooler and did the vacuuming, ironing, cooking, then the dusting. Didn't have to iron many things, but was getting a bit behind with the normal housework. It's all done for a day or two.

So what do we do in warm weather!
Many people go to the beach, and being on an island we are at no point less than 250km from the sea, apparently, but there may not be a beach there, or the sea may not be safe.
Other's go shopping to A/C.
Some sit under a shady tree in a park, or sit in the shade of a breeze way.
There are some people who put their feet in a bucket of ice, and the list goes on, what ever you have to do to keep your body cool, that is what you do.

In this house we turn the A/C on which is fortunately ducted to each room, and I have that set on 25 degC (F 77), I don't like it any cooler, I like to know it's summer.
Went outside, the pavement is extremely hot, would burn your bare feet, and could easy cook an egg on the pavement.
Tasmania is a bad place for burning the skin, so we are advised to cover up and or use sunblock as most of Australia.

Before it became too warm this morning our youngest grandchild came for a visit, I captured this photo of her.  In a few months she will be 2 years of age.

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