Warm days and fires!

Over the past few days and especially today there have been bush fires in the State of Victoria, Australia  (across Bass Strait from Launceston) with loss of homes, and still going strong. Here in Tasmania in some areas there has been uncontrollable fires, all now under control thank goodness.
Temperatures in some areas in the State of Victoria, Australia were 41degC (105.8) today with gusty winds and of course the winds changing. We here in Tasmania experienced similar but not quite as hot. We had a few spits of rain later this afternoon and now the sun is shinning.

Today was the Hobart Cup a horse race, it was postponed due to the high winds, and from news reports many a roof was lost and blown onto a Highway and surrounding areas in Hobart which is about 200km (124miles) down south from Launceston.
Down south a man lost his life when a tree hit his car and killed him whilst the wild storm was passing through.

 A bit of debris at the venue of the Hobart Cup today.

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