What's it like being Blind!

For those that not are aware, my dad is nearly 90 and legally blind, has been for many years. Still lives in his two story house alone expect when my husband and I go down every week and sleep for a night or two. Dad lives just over 100 km away. He is able to walk up and down the stairs, on odd occasions comes shopping with me, and his mind - well that is sharp as a tack!
I wrote these words back in February 2009. What I have written is so very true. (I did a post back then), infact I have been blogging for a very long time and have deleted all posts prior to 2009 including many in 2009 and onwards. Thinking I should have kept them there, too late now.

he walked into the room
and sat down on the chair
look out the window and said,
“what a beautiful sea”.

with surprise he said,
“i see that ship, it’s all coloured white, the size of a match box”,
he turned and looked at me
as i sat in my chair looking at him.

the sun was shining bright
glaring into the room
he said, “are you there, daughter, for i do not hear you,
where are you, are you there my daughter?”

i sat there in silence, listened to his words
as he looked straight at me
but of course he didn’t see,
for the sun was not shining on me. 

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