Many things happening in this house at the moment.

The family of 5 are still with us, but moving out and the end of this month or early next, will miss them when they go.  At least they won't be far away, not like before when they lived in Queensland.
It's so good that we all get on so well, even the little ones, the girls aged 8, 6 and the boy aged 2 are such a delight and so well behaved.  They ride their bikes up and down our driveway after school, talk to the boys next door who go to the same school which is just up the road about 1 km. We all spend much time laughing and I do believe we are very lucky to have such a happy family.  Eldest son and his wife and little one aged 2 are not left out either, a baby is due early November.

Sold the 4 wheel drive in two days to a cash buyer.
The sale of my late father's house is progressing beautifully and Settlement date is the end of this month. Remember it sold in 3 days.
Ordered a new 4 wheel drive, top of the range.
Looking at a caravan to buy in May next year, can't be delivered till then apparently, but just looking.

Son living here has a job interview in the country about 15 minutes away, so we are keeping our fingers crossed on that.  He has two other jobs, so if he's lucky enough he might have 3. Of course if he gets full time then he will have one.

The streetscape below is on the way into Melbourne, Victoria from the north.  I always like this 'fence' that is on the side of the freeway.  Don't know how long it is.  Took the photo from the window as husband was driving down at normal speed.

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