Sunshine Castle, Sunshine Coast.

Work commenced on the Castle in 1972, completed in 1973, it's a Norman/Medieval Castle. The Castle caters for Weddings and many functions including Opera.
The original throne from the set of Xena The Warrior Princess and Hercules which were filmed in New Zealand are on display.  There are fairytale displays and many doll displays with dolls from all walks of life and countries.  For us it was something different.

The Great Hall.

Have no idea who this man is, but I captured the moment.

This is the loo/toilet which was called the Privy, which was situated as far away from the chambers as practical and often had double doors to keep away the smell. The Privy was sited at the end of a short passage in an outside wall, similar to a balcony over a moat or river. The Privy had no glass and was completely open.  It was fitted with a wooden or stone bench with a hole in it.  Chutes were provided for the discharge which often lead to the Castle Moat.

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