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New World Dreaming is the 5th story in the series WORDS ON THE WIND.

Melbourne is built on the footprints of immigrants, most of whom came through the port and docklands.

Andrew Mc Kenna  and Peter Fernon  are seasoned storytellers and in this intimate production they use music and spoken word to give expression to the lives of a few of the millions fleeing the stagnation and turmoil of old worlds to make a life for themselves in a new one.

In the 1850s Andrew’s Irish great great grandparents fled the blighted potato fields of Donegal and reached Melbourne, via India in rebellion. They arrived in Melbourne in summer, to a welcome of bushfires, wild dogs and news of the Great Melbourne Telescope gazing at the heavens.

Peter’s in-laws left Calabria in the 1950s, where the war had destroyed the established order in their village. Women did men’s work and men, especially the ones who had been prisoners of war, had glimpsed other ways of life. When the old order began to reassert itself those who expected more of life had to look elsewhere. Peter’s in-laws headed for Melbourne.

When:   Thursday  20 November.  5.30pm for 6.00pm start

Where:  The Library at The Dock: HERE

WORDS ON THE WIND is a series of free storytelling shows at the new Library at the Dock, running from July through to December 2014. Eight storytellers from Storytelling Australia Victoria have crafted six compelling tales to reflect their relationship to this part of Melbourne’s Docklands. They will explore the history and environment of Victoria Harbor, a corner of Melbourne steeped in tales of mystery and intrigue, not to mention major engineering works! 

 ENQUIRIES: Anne E Stewart on 0408 550 945 or email anne@anneestewart.com.au    

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