Good news!

It's been a great weekend in all.  Son got his job :) He commences this morning at 8am and finishes at 3pm, Monday to Friday with weekends off at this stage.  Times may change for next week.
Son, his wife and family have found a house to live in not that far from us, they move on November 1.
Eldest sons wife, we are counting the days for the newborn to arrive.

My husband and I brought most of the furniture to the city we live in and stored it for the time being, it will be sold, not that you get much for second hand furniture. The couple that bought the house have paid me for some of the furniture.

I had two friends help me yesterday at my late dads house in Devonport - well it's my house now which I sold in 3 days.  The settlement date is October 31. My friends, well one vacuumed up stairs, the other downstairs, then we tackled the hall cupboard, all done.  Wrapped most of the crockery which is Royal Dalton and Noritake dinner set x 2 both the same.  All that is left are the saucepan and cutlery drawers, then to be all wiped out.  I will be so pleased when finished.

Today I am to meet the plumber to replace the rubbers at the back of the toilets. So again I travel to Devonport being 5 days out of 7.  Can't stop in the house as the beds are in storage.

Today the two girls played outside for a while as the grandson aged 2 had his afternoon sleep.  These children have the bluest of eyes and long eye lashes.

Miss 8 year old and two of her dolls.

Below, miss 6 year old with her bubbles.

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