27 and 29th of April our two sons have a birthday, to them it's one of the most important days of their year! So on the April 27, we have two sons the same age for 2 days.

For the first born I spent 4 weeks in hospital, then the remainder of my pregnancy at home in bed which totaled 8 months being only permitted bathroom privileges.
My husband worked every second weekend, he learned to cook, do all the cleaning and washing.
My late mother lived in another city, she made me a fruit cake once a month, mum and dad came to help the same weekend.

So what did I do all those months in bed?
I read, did jigsaw puzzles, crocheted, visitors were always popping in for a chat, watched TV in the evenings, and slept a lot.

The last month of the first pregnancy I was permitted up for 1 hour each week increasing to everyday by the time I went to hospital to have our first baby.
Second baby all was well and I didn't have to go to bed.
Now my babies are grown men with little ones of their own :)

Happy Birthday my sons!

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