Happy Easter & The thought of being Kidnapped!

 Happy Easter :)

There was nothing like being a Policeman's daughter back when I was an 18 year old.  I had commenced my training the year before at a Private Hospital here in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia and loved every minute of it.
I did my study, plus going on duty. Days off were filled with joy and lots of fun. I had met my future husband not knowing that he would be at the time :)

I often noticed that no matter where I went there were always 2 men that seemed to be near by, but of course I thought at that time it was a coincidence plus really didn't take that much notice and went along my merry way doing what I normally do.
One day there was rather a lot of noise as in shouting, cars screeching their tires, men running everywhere, sirens and so on.  I remember being grabbed by the arms and waist by a man, pulled away from seeing what was going on, and the friend next to me, the same.

So why all the commotion?  I was told later that I was about to be kidnapped and have my face cut/disfigured in many places.  Not good to hear, and thinking how lucky I was to be rescued.
The two men that I always saw were special policemen who had followed me everywhere I went, day and night, they were my bodyguards without me knowing it, to take care of my safety.  Seems there was no way that I was permitted to go out alone or be alone for approximately 6 months until the supposedly kidnappers were caught.

My father being a Policeman of high rank had previously been responsible for several criminals being sent to prison for several years when I was much younger.  These same prisoners were after revenge and I was the target.  Of course someone told my father so hence the 'bodyguards' for me without my knowledge.

Thank goodness this type of  'thing' doesn't happen very often, well as far as I know it doesn't here in our country.

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