Updating the house!

We are updating some things in our home. It's been a few years since we did this, and I figure that it's a good idea as this maybe the last time except for a few things.

First thing to be done is the new hotplates and oven to be installed in the kitchen. New laminex on the benches plus new tiles on the floor.  My kitchen is small because I don't need a large one, have been there and done that as we say.  Then the laundry floor is to be tiled.
Also in the past month we have replaced the fridge and the dishwasher.

En-suite, new tiles in the shower, walls to the ceiling and floor along with new basin, towel rails, vanity basin and mirror etc.
The above will be done after Easter, and we have bought all tiles though waiting on the tiles for the bathroom wall.

Have ordered drapes for all the rooms except the small lounge room, known as my office as these drapes are only 2 years old.

The small photo below is about the colour of the family room and dinning room drapes, I actually think it's lighter in reality.
The drapes for all the bedrooms are different but all the same.

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