Guest in the house!

My husband and I have his youngest sister staying with us, she is in between moving house, so has been with us for 3 weeks now and probably another two.
This week the 3 of us are going to her new house for a per-purchase viewing, so hence the Electrician is going to meet us there, and then the painter and hopefully before she moves in all things will be done.

Youngest sister in law is a pleasure to have as a house guest, she calls our house the 'Hilton on Trent' which has us laughing.
The other evening we had my eldest sister in law and her husband for dinner, so we had Turkey with baked vegetables plus boiled ones, I lost count of how many varieties I had. We had a wonderful chat with much laughter and a late night.

Having travelled as normal backwards and forwards to my dads house in another city, it certainly is a busy time, but I do enjoy all that I do.  The computer being a good relaxation for me.

Photo of our Guest taken last year at the eldest sister in laws house.

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