Devonport/Part of my way home!

Driving to come home from my dads or driving to go to dad in Devonport, this is what I see at Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.

There is Bass Strait which is a sea to Melbourne in the State of Victoria, and is rather shallow in places. There is a beach called Back Beach which is a beach for dogs.

Then around further is what is called The Bluff, it has a small beach, playground for children, barbecues for a picnic, a Caravan Park, a small outside Theater, a new Life Saving Club House (no photo) plus Restaurants, and a shop.

There is a bike track that goes forever along the picturesque beach from the Swimming Pool to over the Don River and on the Eastern side of Devonport.

Back Beach/Dog Beach

The Bluff

The Bluff looking the opposite way

The Music Bowl at the Bluff

Part of the Barbecue Area at the Bluff

Small part of the Children's Playground at the Bluff

A mum by the sea

Opposite the Children's playground is an Old People's Home plus a large sports area.

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